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A First for Carterets Tinputz relocated families

Paul Silaupi sorting out beans for dryingThe Embassy of Finland in Canberra has been supporting voluntary relocation from Carteret atolls to Bougainville since 2010 with modest funds. Current Fund for Local Cooperation project runs until the end of 2017. This text is a press release by Tulele Peisa, the NGO running the voluntary relocation and livelihoods project. Lue lisää...

Finland and Estonia lead the innovation discussion

timomarina1Running your own startup company might be at the same time awfully painful but extremely rewarding. Establishing company in Finland or in Estonia can reduce the pain as both countries offer great policy framework that supports entrepreneurship and innovation. Finland, one the most innovative countries in the world, and Estonia, the frontrunner of eGovernance, jointly organized a successful event, The Innovation Forum, that brought like-minded Lue lisää...

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