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"Australian Spirit" shines through dark Finnish winter nights

Rebecca HakolaThe interview series of interesting people connected to Finland and Australia is continued with Australian-upbrought Rebecca Hakola, an Art Director and Visual Designer currently living in Finland. Born to Finnish parents, she learnt their language and culture which have both been the most helpful when she decided to move to Helsinki two and a half years ago. Alongside her day job, Rebecca is also working as an entrepreneur. Read below how her "Australian Spirit" has got her so far! Lue lisää...

The formal school starting age: is younger better?

Playtime at a Finnish schoolThe Tasmanian Government is currently in the process of tabling a new Education Act for debate in Tasmania's Parliament. After backing down from its plans to lower the compulsory school starting age amid criticism from the childcare sector in August, the Tasmanian Government is now seeking Upper House support to overhaul the Tasmanian education system. The bill suggests a voluntary school starting age of four and a half with options to start children in kindergarten when they are three and half Lue lisää...

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