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Finland Tests Universal Basic Income

Universal basic income encourages people to engage in other tasks beneficial to society, such as volunteer work. Universal basic income has been talked about for decades and Finland is the forerunner in what may be a much needed rewiring of the social welfare system. The experiment in Finland is an experiment for a reason. No one can easily predict what the result will be, simply because this has never been done before. But in essence, this universal basic income experiment asks this question: When you give people the ability to make a choice, what will they choose? More...

World’s first LNG icebreaker Polaris heads to icebreaking duty

LNG icebreaker Polaris on icebreaking duty, Photo rights: Tim BirdArctia’s newest icebreaker Polaris heads to icebreaking duty on January 9th 2017, at 4 PM. Icebreaker Otso has been in icebreaking duty already since December 8th 2016 and icebreaker Kontio since December 16th 2016. More...

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