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Frequently asked questions

Address inquiries

Address and Population Register Certificate inquiries from Australia

It is not possible to obtain a certificate like a Finnish official certificate or family report from Australia to provide information about the potential marriage, children or addresses of a person. Unfortunately, Australia is one of the countries where there is no actual Population Register or Directory Information System, but each state keeps its own registers that are far from as comprehensive as the Finnish Population Information System. Authorities only register Births, Marriages and Deaths, it is not possible to obtain address information. The registers kept by the states are also not linked to each other. Obviously, it takes weeks to get information, sometimes even months, and the results may be very slim.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) maintains a list of live Australian voters who are entitled to vote. Each state has its own voting list and register. Voting lists can only be browsed in person at each states or territories AEC office, and there is no opportunity for the consulates to do so. The lists validity is not always correct, as the details are kept up to date by each voter and not the AEC.

Family members (next of kin) can obtain the aforementioned certificates directly via the Internet, from each state's office without a long and heavy regulatory process. All fees are available on each state's Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages website. All request made to the registries are to be made in the English language.

The Australian authorities' websites contain detailed instructions on the search for genealogy, and this way the information is gained much faster.

Below are the internet addresses for each state’s and territory's Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales


Western Australia


South Australia


Northern Territory

All certificate application will require you to submit certified copies of 3 different identity documents. Your identity documents must be certified by a notary public or justice of peace (the later only available in Australia). You will also be required to identify in your request:

- Details of person who's information is needed (known names of the person, possibly earlier names, date of birth, date of death, current known address information incl. Former addresses, when they moved to Australia, which state, etc.)

- What information / certificates are required

- What the information will be used for

- Who is requesting the information and in what capacity (relationship to family relationship)

Please note that, if the assignment concerns several different states, each state must have its own original supporting documents. Local authorities do not accept copies. These requirements of the annexes are not the requirements of the consulate, but of the local authorities. Australia's privacy is very strict and the embassy does not have any special rights to access a private person's information without the mandate of the sponsor. The local authorities also do not provide information about a private person to relatives, only when the relative relationship of the sponsor is that of next of kin or the executor of estate.

However, if you would like to have the Ministry coordinate your search, send a specific request with details of your enquiry to the registry of the Ministry to The Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Helsinki coordinates all requests for documents to be sent to the consulate. Please provide the same documents as above, with addition of a power of authority authorising the Embassy to obtain the information requested.

Instructions for this:

in Finnish

In Swedish

Notifying a change of address outside of Finland.

When moving from one address to another outside of Finland, a new address can be reported to the Finnish Registry Office via;

Electronic or printed form

• by letter or by e-mail to with the name and date of birth of the migrant and their new and old address.

A change of notification can also be made through the local mission of Finland. When the address information is up to date in the Population Registry, it will be ensured, for example, that a notification of a right to vote is received.


For animals imported from non-EU countries, a veterinary border control must always be performed (with certain exceptions). Information on importing pets to Finland can be found on the webpage of Evira, Finnish Food Safety Authority.


Notarizing Documents Using the Hague Legalization Convention.

An apostille is the legalization of a public document, such as birth, marriage, divorce or death certificates. The Consular section is not authorized to provide apostilles or assist in obtaining them. Australia is party to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. Finland is also a signatory to this Convention.

The Hague Legalization Convention abolishes the need for diplomatic and consular legalization or authentication of public documents originating in one Hague country, like Australia, for use in another Convention country. Public documents bearing a certificate of apostille are recognized in any Convention country with no further authentication or legalization required. If you have a document which you want legalized, you should contact the competent local authority who will affix a certification (apostille) on your document.

Information how to obtain apostilles in Australia and New Zealand.

Information on the Hague Convention as well as an English language list of its member states can be found at:

Australian import restrictions

Information concerning Australian import restrictions can be obtained on the website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection:


To register a child born in Australia (to Finnish parents/ Finnish parent) with the population registry in Finland, please fill out the "birth registration" form. You can find the form on our website under Citizenship.

In order to register the birth with the the Finnish population system, you need to send the following documents to the Embassy of Finland in  Canberra:

  • the "birth registration" form filled out

  • the original birth certificate with Apostille stamp

  • certified photocopies of the passports of the mother and the father

If you would like the Embassy to return the original certificate, please enclose also a paid, self-addressed envelope.

Birth Certificate or Population Register Extract

Birth certificates are not used in Finland. An Extract from the Population Register issued by the Finnish Population Register serves the same purpose.

An Extract from the Population Register can be ordered from the Population Register Office where the person is registered in Finland. It normally is the last place of residence in Finland or  it can be ordered from Vaasan maistraatti if  the local population register is not known.

Contact details:
Vaasan maistraatti
Pietarsaaren yksikkö
PL 26

Telephone:  +358 71 874 11 21
Fax:             +358 71 974 11 20

The extract can be requested by mail, phone or email. Contact details of local registers can be found on the Internet at When applying for an extract, full name, place and date of birth, Finnish identification number if known, current  home address in Australia must be given. Also the purpose for which the extract is needed. The extract should be requested in English and with an Apostille Stamp.

Consular  and notarial services


Consular services

Consular services are available to Finnish citizens and foreign citizens residing permanently in Finland. Services include general advice, notarial services, and help for persons in distress or in crisis.


Notarial and legalization services

The Embassy in Canberra can do some notarial and legalization services, for example authenticate a signature

Bereavement and death of a Finnish citizen

  • Form "notice of a Finnish citizen deceased outside Finland", available on our site under "Citizenship".

  • Original certificate of death with Apostille stamp. If you want the original death certificate to be returned, you must attach a paid envelope with an address returned.


Also see "animals" and  "moving to Finland" .

Further details are also provided e.g on the import of narcotic drugs, radioactive substances, medicinal products, live animals, endangered animals and plant species and products derived therefrom, plants, firearms and ammunition and cultural goods can be found on the website of the National Board of Customs.  On the website of the Finnish Customs.

The web site of the National Board of Customs is a good source of information. 

National Board of Customs
Erottajankatu 2, P.O. Box 512
00530 Helsinki, Finland
tel. +358 (0)9 6141
telefax +358 (0)20 492 2852


Judgement for divorce is ratified at the Helsinki court of appeal if at least either of the parties concerned is a Finnish citizen. For more information contact the Helsinki court of appeal(Helsingin hovioikeus).

email: helsinki.ho(at), tel: +358 29 56 40500.

Driver's Licence

In Australia, laws and driving regulations differ from state to state. Some states require you to carry an International licence with your current foreign licence. Other states request you carry your current driver's licence together with a formal translation of your licence into English. Before travelling to Australia, please check the driving regulations in different states from the local authorities, for example in

In New Zealand, you will need your current driver's licence, with an approved translation or with an International licence. Before travelling, please check the driving regulations with the local authorities, for example in

Further information  on licences  is available at  the websites of the Finnish Transport Safety and the Finnish police:


In case of emergency the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland will assist Finnish citizens on telephone number +358 9 1605 5551 outside of office hours (24 h).

Health care agreement

Finland has signed Reciprocal Health Care Agreements with Australia which entitles a first aid and an acute hospital treatment.

Information for Finnish citizens visiting Australia

Information for Australian citizens visiting Finland

Lost Goods

The police will submit lost goods to the Embassy of Finland in Canberra, if the owner is identified as a Finnish citizen. The Finnish authorities do their best to contact the owner, and deliver the goods to him or her. Passports and driving licenses are sent back to authorities that have granted the documents.


To register your marriage to the population registry in Finland, please fill out the marriage registration form. You can find this form on our website under Citizenship.

To register your marriage to the Finnish population system you need to send the following documents to the Embassy of Finland in Canberra:

  • marriage registration form filled out

  • the original marriage certificate with an Apostille -stamp

  • certified photocopies of both spouses' passports' information page.

  • If both spouses are Finnish citizens, both have to fill out their own marriage registration form.

The Finnish Embassy in Canberra will forward the documents to the Population Register Center of Finland. If you would like the Embassy to return the original certificate to you, please enclose a pre- paid, self-addressed,  registered return envelope.

Money Transfer

The Embassy can not give direct financial assistance. In emergencies Finnish citizens can be assisted in transferring money from Finland to Australia. The fee for assistance is 50 euros.

This type of transaction can also be done via e.g. Western Union or Forex.

Moving to Finland

The Finnish Population Information System should be notified on any change of address (moving to or from Finland). You can find the change of address form on our website under Citizenship.

A helpful guide by the Ministry of Labour about migrating to Finland can be downloaded rom here:  Are you planning to move to Finland? (PDF, 874 Kb)

A guide to your social security rights when migrating to Finland by the Social Insurance nstitution of Finland can be dowloaded from here:  Moving to Finland (PDF, 104 Kb)

Information concerning importing the removal goods to Finland can be obtained on the website of the Finnish Customs:


A pension accrues from work performed by a foreigner in Finland under Finnish legislation, in the same way as for a Finn. 

In Finland, pension provision consists of the employment-based earnings-related pension and the residence-based national pension. If a foreigner is on short posting in Finland, he or she may be covered by the social security in the country of origin. One requirement for this is a certificate on legislation applicable from the home country. 

The earning-related pension safeguards the stabilized level of consumption, achieved during the time of active participation in working life. The earnings-related pension provides security in the event of old age, incapacity for work, unemployment or death of family breadwinner for employees and self-employed persons. Further information on the national pension can be obtained from the Social Insurance Institution (KELA).

More information:

The Central Pension Security Institute: 

Population registration

The Population Register Centre develops and controls the registration, maintenance and delivery of population information together with the local register offices. It is responsible for the national information services and permit decisions relating thereto. Information services are developed and tailored to meet the needs of the customers.

The new Finnish act on the Population Information System and the certificate services of the Population Register Centre obligates Finnish citizens residing abroad to notify the Population Information System immediately of any changes of their personal data occurring during their residence abroad. Such changes may include for instance births of children, marriages, divorces and changes of names.

Further information can be found on the website of the Finnish Register Office:

Population Register Centre 
Postal address: P.O.Box 70, FI-00581 Helsinki, Finland 
Office: Tynnyrintekijänkatu 1 C, Helsinki, Finland
Tel +358 9 229 161 (exchange)
Fax +358 9 2291 6795 (registry office)
General e-mail address:  (registry office)


In Finland, resident individuals are taxed on their world-wide income. Residents are taxed to progressive tax rates for national tax purposes, and flat rates for municipal ones. 

A non-resident alien, e.g. one who is occasionally working in Finland, is taxed on Finnish-source income only. However, tax treaties may provide that, under certain conditions, even such income may not be taxed in Finland. Non-residents are taxed at flat rates in accordance with the Non-residents' Tax Act.

Finland and Australia have an agreement to avoid double taxation and tax evasion.

Information about the Finnish tax system can be found at the Finnish Tax Administration

General questions

Do I need a visa to enter Finland?

Australian and New Zealand citizens can stay in Finland and the Schengen area up to 90 days within the period of 6 months. This 6-month period begins on the day of first entry to a Schengen country.

The Schengen countries are: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, plus Norway, Iceland, Switzerland,  Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia

How I can get a visa to Australia?

Enquiries concerning Australian visas can be sent to Australian authorities. The Australian Embassy in Berlin processes visa application for residents of Finland.

Can I pay the passport handling fee by a bank or a credit card?

Yes, debit and credit card payments are recommended. Diners Club and Amex cards are not acceptable.

How I can prove my identity?

Identity can be proven by a valid passport, driver´s licence or by an another valid photo identity document.

Can I vote in a Finnish election outside of Finland?

Finnish citizens can vote outside Finland. The details will be on the mission´s website closer to each election.

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