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Finnish citizenship

A new Finnish Nationality Act permitting dual nationality more broadly than before came into force on June 1, 2003. A foreigner who acquires Finnish citizenship is not obliged to renounce his or her current citizenship.

A Finn may keep his/her Finnish citizenship if dual nationality is accepted in the country whose citizenship he or she acquires. Australia and New Zealand accept multiple citizenships. People born in Australia or in New Zealand may have acquired Australian or New Zealand citizenship at birth as well as Finnish citizenship through their Finnish parents.

Young person aged between 18-22

A person holding dual nationality may lose his or her Finnish citizenship at the age of 22 if he or she lacks sufficiently close ties with Finland. Find out more about sufficient connection at the Finnish Immigration Service's website: Sufficient connection.

To retain their citizenship a person aged 18-22 should either apply for a Finnish passport or provide a written statement, in which they declare they wish to retain their Finnish citizenship, to a Finnish Embassy or Consulate or to the Local Register Office in Finland/Vaasan Maistraatti.

Please see the Finnish Immigration Services website for more: Retaining your Finnish citizenship at the age of 18-22.

Former Finnish citizen

Former Finnish citizens who have previously lost their citizenship can regain their citizenship through a declaration procedure. Instructions and forms are available at the Finnish Immigration Service's website: Former citizen of Finland.

Citizenship applications must be submitted in person either at the District Police in Finland or at the Embassy of Finland in Canberra.

Birth, marriage/civil partnership and death

The new Finnish Act on the Population Information System and the certificate services of the Population Register Centre (661/2009) took effect on 1 March 2010. The Act requires Finnish citizens residing abroad to notify the Population Information System immediately of any changes of their personal data occurring during their residence abroad. Such changes may include for instance births of children, marriages, divorces and changes of names.

Lodging a passport application, too, is subject to the condition that the applicant must have a Finnish personal identity code and that his or her personal data recorded in the Population Information System is up to date.

The document on which the notification to the Population Information System is based may be sent either to the local register office of the person's most recent municipality of residence in Finland or to the nearest Finnish diplomatic or consular mission  in the person's current country of residence.

A foreign document must be the original or an authenticated copy thereof. Moreover, the document must be legalised and translated into Finnish, Swedish or English.

⇒ If you would like the Embassy to return the original documents enclosed with the notification, please enclose a paid, self-addressed envelope.


All forms are also available at:


pdfNotification of a Finnish citizen born outside Finland


The Local Register office doesn't automatically notify the parents when the child is entered into the Finnish Population Information System. The process usually takes about 5-6 weeks. Please contact the Jakobstad local register office (Pietarsaaren Maistraatti) to obtain the child's social security number.

Marriage and civil partnership

pdfNotification of marriage of a Finnish citizen outside Finland

pdfNotification of a civil partnership registered outside Finland



pdfNotification of a Finnish citizen deceased outside Finland


  • Original death certificate with an Apostille stamp.

Where to obtain an Apostille:

Change of Address

A Finnish citizen living abroad should fill in a change of address form and send it straight to the Finnish Population Information System using the secure electronic link given below or send the form to the Finnish Embassy in Canberra.

Change of Address form

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